Advertisements-Tissot, Rolex and G-shock

Tissot, Rolex and G-shock

Advertisements need to not only correctly convey the meanings of the products they promote to the audience, but also to attract the audience’s attention and then to influence their purchasing decision through well designed pistures and adtext. Successful adtexts can attract the audience at their first sight, technically express what the product wants to express, and be remembered by the readers for a long time (Mardy, 2003). This essay is going to analyze three advertisements of the three watch brands,G-shock, Rolex and Tissot, by using the critical tools in semiotics such as sign, signifier, signified, connotation, demotation, myth, representation, discourse, etc.




To conclude, semiotics helps the audience better understand the meanings and effects behind the adtext, in-depth know the brand spirits and concepts of the products the advertisement promotes, and find resonance or produce a sense of appreciation at last. Tissot emphasizes the combination of technology innovation and perfect desin, Rolex highlights the brand’s history and leading status in the watch industry and G-shock accents its strong anti-shock capability and attitude of refusing mediocrity.


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