ATS 4445 Assignment 4-Final essay

Assessment 4:Final essay

Purpose: This essay assesses your understanding of the core concepts of the unit and shows that you can apply them to contemporary debates

Due: 4 November 11.55pm


Words:2500 (+/-10%excluding reference list)

Analyze your case study (from assessment 3) using the core concepts and readings from the second half of the unit. For this assessment focus on policy questions including the core concepts of harm and offense and the arguments for freedom of expression

.You may not change topic

·Incorporate feedback from assessment3

·This assessment has a restricted reading list. Apart from the sources you identified in your A3 you may only use sources from the Perusall readings and the recommended reading list

·Include citations and a reference list in the Monash Harvard style.Use page numbers for quotations, paraphrases, and the source of ideas or information. Do not include citations or references to sources that you have not looked up and read yourself. Learn how to cite secondary sources.

Detailed instructions and the assessment rubric are provided in the folder below

Final essay instructions and assessment rubric