3001GIR-Policy Brief & Cabinet Submission




State the proposal at the beginning of the submission in one or two sentences. Succinctly state what ministers are being asked to consider or decide. Do not list the recommendations.

This should also include a high level outcome.


I recommend that Cabinet:

1.             It is important to set out the recommendations in a logical order, and to set out clearly and unambiguously all of the decisions needed.

2.             Recommendations must be written so that they stand alone and can be converted into a minute recording Cabinet's or the committee's decision. They must provide a clear guide to ministers and to departments that have to implement the decision.

3.             The usual form of wording for recommendations is to ‘approve’, ‘note’ or ‘not approve’. Each recommendation must be supported by a statement in the body of the submission. Do not introduce new material or points into the recommendations.

4.             Recommendations seeking approval in principle should be made sparingly. The recommendation should clearly state what further work or consultation is required (‘subject to’) before the in-principle decision is to come back to Cabinet for confirmation or otherwise.

5.             While every effort should be made through consultation to produce agreed recommendations, if there are genuine differences that cannot be resolved, the submission should give clear options so that ministers can make the final decision.

6.             In summary, good recommendations:

·     identify all of the decisions needed

·     contain a minimum of noting recommendations

·     are accurate in every detail

·     don't leave any room for doubt about what is being decided

·     make sense independently of the submission

·     set out clear options for ministers to decide between, if necessary

·     give clear instructions on the next steps or work required, identifying who is to do the work and by when

·     rescind earlier decisions, where necessary.

I declare that I have no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to the proposals contained in this submission.


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