ELEC4445-Quiz 2: Opportunity, Team, Resource

QUIZ 2: Opportunity, Team, Resource

Question: Netflix originally started as:

Answer: Video rental service by mail

Question: According to Stephen Scheeler, CEO of Omniscient's Technology, connectomics is best loosely described as:

Answer: the science of signal transmission between neurones

Question: "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home" (Ken Olson, 1977) is a statement that is best understood when referring to

Answer: Opportunity

Question: In the initial phase of a startup, rank the importance of the three pillars: opportunity, team, resources (most important on top, least important at the bottom). Note: If they appear to be in the right order, change the order once and return to the original order to avoid a bug in MS Forms

Answer: Opportunity, Team, Resources

Question: Despite having a "mountain" of cash available, Apple nevertheless borrows a lot of money, the main reason being:

Answer: to pay its shareholders

Question: Which of the following leading practices is highlighted by Microsoft when implementing a series of complementary products such as Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams?

Answer: Securing customer retention by offering a software platform

Question: "Use financing vehicles that retain the entrepreneur’s voting control" has been flagged as an important leading practice of financing. Explain this in your own words [<50 words]

Answer: It is of great importance for the entrepreneur to retain their voting controls by diverse financial tools

Question: A consolidated market is favorable condition when analysis an opportunity

Answer: False (not favorable)

Question: In the entrepreneur's jargon, "trade sale", "IPO", "cash cow" are all referred to as

Answer: Exist strategies

Question: Dividends are common in the early years of a start-up

Answer: False (in the early years of a start-up, profits (if any) are usually used to increase capital, e.g. assets, of a start-up)