ELEC4445, GSOE9445: Entrepreneurial Engineering

Assessment 2: Assignments: Interview, Headlines, Disruption Due date: see Timetable
Interview (10%)

This assignment consists mainly in a summary of the most important observations and insights you have gathered during an interview with an entrepreneur. You are trying to understand what motivates the entrepreneur and how he perceives his own business, what are his motivations, what he consider to be the critical points along the paths to business creation. You are also trying to understand the process this entrepreneur went through during the various entrepreneurial phases and how his perception of this process changed (e.g. would he do it again the same way).

Headlines (14%)

The goal of this assignment is to relate the concepts covered during the class to real life events currently taking place in the technology sector. You are requested to write a 2,000 word essay on one of the headlines made available, focussing on the key concept(s) identified. In doing so, you should:

Succinctly explain the context of the headline;
Justify the importance of the headline (why was it a headline?);
Analyse the situation using the concepts developed within the course
e.g. customers, markets, competition, business models, venture money, capitalisation, P/E ratios, etc.
If appropriate, express your position (agreement of disagreement) with respect to the view expressed.

Disruption (20%)

As an entrepreneur, one of your tasks is to recognise opportunities. During the course of the semester, we have seen that opportunities best play out in markets that are nascent, immature or fragmented. In

other words, markets and opportunities cannot be decoupled. As we cover during the lecture entitled “Disruption”, some of the best opportunities are tagged as disruptive i.e. that they can lead to

“the transfer of wealth in an industry from dominant incumbents to disadvantaged entrants”.

In this assignment, you are ask to perform a disruption analysis of the potential impact of
specific technology covering the following points: the technology, the markets, the players, the economic stakes.

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