GSOE9111: Energy Storage

GSOE9111: Energy Storage

Following this assessment students will be able to recognize, describe and investigate one or more energy storage systems to assess their feasibility and integration in the context of techno-economic- political-environmental impact. Students are expected to comprehend the engineering principles of the chosen energy storage system and it's integration with an application and/or generation system, and then prepare the presentation using slides or videos.

Students will be offered the opportunity to communicate/discuss their knowledge and knowhow with a panel of experts in energy storage research. The panel will evaluate the depth and breadth of the students' comprehension of the energy storage technology of their choice. Students will receive immediate feedback on their learning outcomes.

Electrochemical Energy Storage

- Lithium ion battery
- Multivalent batteries (Zn, Al, Mg, etc.)
- Solid state battery
- Supercapacitor
- Flow battery
- Fuel cell
- Hydrogen
- Electrolyser/Water splitting
- Grid storage
- Residential storage
- System integration
Thermal Storage
- Direct thermal storage (sensible, latent, chemical)
- Thermal conversion of biomass
- Thermochemical CO2 activation
- Thermal conversion of synthesis gas to hydrogen, methanol and synthetic fuels
Solar Chemical Storage
- Solar activation of CO2
- Artificial leaves
- Solar water splitting
- Photoelectrochemical conversion

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