ATS3323 Stardom and Celebrity on Screen

Monash University

ATS3323 Stardom and Celebrity on Screen

Assessment 2

Time limit: 3-minute video presentation


For this task, you will prepare a research proposal in the form of a 3-minute video presentation. Your research proposal will be for a case study on a star of your choice and you will then carry out this project for the assessment task3

Your proposal should include the following

- Aims: Who are you researching and why do you believe they are significant?

- Questions: What are the main research questions you are seeking to answer about your

chosen star?

- Method: How will you conduct and present this research?Which filmic and extra-filmic

materials will you use? Which concepts and theories will you draw upon?

Assessment 3: Case study

Word count:2500 words for a written submission (excluding references) OR 5-minute maximum

video essay with 800-word exegesis (excluding references)


In this task you will develop a case study on a star of your choice as proposed in assessment task


You must ensure you do the following

-Answer a specific research question(s devised by yourself (this will have been established in

your research proposal-see assessment task 2)

- Investigate a star’s persona and how it is constructed through a range of materials such as

their film/ty appearances as well as extra-filmic materials

- Draw upon unit concepts and readings to explain the significance of the star