ATS3445-Communications ethics, policy and law

ATS3445 ATS3445-Communications ethics, policy and law

Assessment 3 - Further instructions

Online Communication

Topics The topic for your case study should be about online communication and one of the themes covered in this unit: blasphemy, hate speech, shaming, privacy, trolling, misogyny, misinformation. Focus on ethics and values. Do not discuss freedom of expression in this assessment. You can check whether your topic is suitable by writing a summary in the assessment forum, where it will be given feedback, or you can drop into a consultation period on Thursdays 3-5 pm.

Suggested structure for ethics case study presentation

I wrote the assessment rubric as if this were an essay structure. This should help you understand the weights to provide different sections.

          Section 1 - Introduction (100-150 words)

  • The introduction provides a summary of the case study. This explains what happened. Who said what (to whom) using what media. Explains why this is a ethical issue and its social significance. Explains any conflicting values or perspectives.

    Section 2 - Literature review (100-150 words)

  • The literature review should use academic literature or reputable research to define key concepts and classifications of what happened.

  • This section should discuss differences in definitions and their implications.

    Section 3 - Empirical research into the people involved case study and the audience (350-400 words)

  • This research should use grey or academic literature and primary sources.

  • Explains the motivations of the speaker and any justifications for their actions.

  • Explains the impacts on the person the speech was about or directed towards.

  • Explains the impact on other people who may have witnessed the event/s or other effects on society.

    Section 4 Empirical research into the context of the case study (350-400 words)

  • This research should use grey literature and academic literature to explain the prevalence of the issue and its trajectory over time.

  • Identifies the platform's or media's policies, relevant laws, and cultural context.

  • You should explain any media concerns or social debates about the issue. Is there a conflict in values here?

    Ethical reflection 400-450 words

  • Using the required readings on Perusall and the recommended reading list, you should identify some of the ethical issues that you think are involved in the case study.