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Personal control and stress and coping processes: A theoretical analysis.


Select, locate and summarise ONE of the three articles listed below (all are available electronically via the library catalog). Your summary will be marked for its comprehensiveness (e.g., what was studied, how, findings, strengths/weaknesses & contribution of research) and the clarity of your explanation (e.g., spelling, grammar). You can just use a single paragraph to format your summary. You should avoid the use of direct quotes in your summary and there is no need for you to include citations in your summary.

Article 1 Folkman, S. (1984). Personal control and stress and coping processes: A theoretical analysis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 46(4), 839-852.

Article 2 Hobfoll, S.E. (1989). Conservation of resources: A new attempt at conceptualizing stress. American Psychologist, 44(3), 513-524.

Article 3 Siegrist, J. (1996).Adverse health effects of high-effort/low-reward conditions. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 1(1), 27-41


Summary of Article 1

The research studies the relationships between personal control and stress and coping processes and analyzes the influence of control on stress and adaptational outcomes in the context of Lazaruss cognitively oriented theory of stress and coping.   

The methodology used by the research is mainly secondary research. The article, in its first part, explained Lazaruss theory by showing readers the two perceptions of control--generalized beliefs and situational contingencies--with an emphasis on the latter one. In addition, the article also explores the answer to the question of control of what. Then in the second part, the research concluded the theoretical formulation of the stress and coping in order to find out the time when control appraisals heighten threat, the relationship between control and coping and the effect of control on the adaptational outcomes.

After reviewing the previous papers and researches on the topic, the researcher came up with the findings at last. First of all, the concept of stress is about the relationship between people and the environment, rather than a pure stimulus. And control must be viewed in a person- environment relationship. In addition, the two forms of appraisal are also presented here with the primary appraisal focusing on well-being while with the secondary appraisal on coping sources and an appraisal of an event can turn out to be a threat or a challenge.


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