MECM20010- Can Digital Communication Systems Enhance Democracy?


Answer one of the following questions:

1.The development of transnational media systems has rendered state regulation of the media redundant. Discuss.


2.Digital communication systems enhance democracy by offering greater access and participation to citizens than traditional media. Discuss. 【Could mention about national identity, citizenship, week 3,4 readings related etc.】

Discuss in both sides, arguments should go into the intro

论文 (Sample):

Can Digital Communication Systems Enhance Democracy?

1.0 Introduction

With the advent of digital communication systems, existing democracy all over the world is undergoing great transformation. For example, thanks to digital communication tools, citizens can have more access to political information and can take stronger control over policy-making process through diverse communication channels (Buckley, 2000). New media, such as Internet blogs, news portals and online news, Facebook, You Tube, smart phones, podcast and webcast, really enable people to participate in issues of national importance in a more direct, fast and economic way. However, there is no denying that the invention of “old” medial such as print media and broadcasting has also played a very important role in the transformation in the nature of election campaigns, political arguments and national communication and participation (Coleman et al, 2009).

Therefore, there are an increasing number of people doubting whether new media can enhance democracy to a larger extent compared with traditional media such as TV, radio and newspaper. This assignment is going to debate on both sides of the statement and present enough proof for the arguments.

2.0 Democracy and Digital Communication Systems

2.1 Digital Communication Systems Help Democracy

As far as I am concerned, on one hand, digital media can create myriad possibilities for improving democracy because digital communication systems can enhance public communication and participation and narrow resource inequalities. Specific explanations are as follows.


2.2 Digital Communication Systems Hurt Democracy

One the other hand, it cannot be denied that, the employment of digital communication tools also has some negative impacts on democracy and that traditional media is really important to people. The reasons are as follows.


3.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, there are a lot of examples proving that the application of digital communication systems can enhance democracy because it can increase the transparency and responsibility of governments and improve the efficient of governance. However, one can neither deny the positive influence of traditional media when looking back at democratic elections and royal weddings that TV, radio and newspapers brought to the world.


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