Reflection on internship

Senior Project

1.0 Introduction to St. Francis of Assisi School

The organization I gained my service-learning experience for my senior project is St. Francis of Assisi School. The school provides education from kindergarten to the eighth grade and is committed to foster the formation of education of the whole person through providing a Christ-centered environment that nurtures an active faith, incites services and facilitates academic excellence.

St. Francis of Assisi Parish was established on August 1, 1929 with its School Building Fund established in 1952 under Fr. John Francis Gibboney. The school was legitimated by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and fully accredited and certified by the Washington State Board of Education. As to the fundraising, this school raises its capital through school auction, scrip, annual campaign, magazine sales, wrapping paper sales and parish capital campaign.

In order to fulfill its mission of creating an environment of respect and responsibility, the school provides the students not only with basic equipments for learning including a 3 floor teaching building, 24 kindergarten classes, 26 first - second grade classes and 28third - eighth grade classes, but also with other various facilities such as new library media center, a computer lab,   a new gym, an art room, a resource room, and a well-supervised playground containing swings, basketball hoops and slides. In addition, it also possesses a local parish which was founded in 1930 to unite local residents together.

Except for the physical aspects mentioned above, this school also provides the variety of enrichment programs such as typing, French, art and so on. Also, it offers its students with diverse extracurricular activities. For example, this school is a member of CYO Athletics so as to expose its students to more opportunities of taking part in sports and interacting with their peers.

Therefore, St. Francis of Assisi Parish is such a responsible, respectable and high-quality school that I am very willing to be a volunteer here.

2.0 My Role as a Service-Learner

3.0 What I Learnt from This Experience

4.0 Overall Impacts of St Francis

5.0 Links between My Service and Two Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

6.0 Conclusion

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