Moving from Education into Employment: A Reflective Commentary

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


1.0 Introduction to the Marketplace for Graduate Employment Opportunities

   1.1 General Graduate Employment

   1.2 Employment in Human Resource Management

   1.3 Employment of Chief HR Officer

2.0 My Intended Career Path and Suitability for the Identified Target Position

   2.1 Reflection on My Career Path So Far

   2.2 Suitability and Gaps for the Identified Target Position in Chief HR Officer

   2.3 Suitability for General Graduate Employment

   2.4 Suitability for Employment in HR Management

   2.5 A Summary of Suitability and Gaps

3.0 Conclusion


Moving from Education into Employment: A Reflective Commentary

Executive Summary

The purpose of this reflective commentary is to make myself have a better understanding of the requirements set by the current and future graduate job market and also to analyze whether my current situation is suitable and qualified for the desired employment position.

Generally speaking, the graduate employment market requires the potential employees not only to have “hard skills” including the numerical and literacy skills, specialist knowledge and technical skills, but also the abilities to collaborate with others, sense of responsibility, communication skills, rich work experiences, eagerness and capability to learn new things, motivation and a commitment to continuous innovation. Moreover, multicultural backgrounds can make graduates strengthen their competitiveness in transnational companies. In the human resources management sector, strong interpersonal skills as well as managerial, decision-making and organizational skills are put great emphasis on. Expect for the requirements previously set, the demands of the identified target position as Chief HR Officer include extensive knowledge and experiences in the related fields of human resource management.

While a general compliance exists between the HR management employment and the key criteria of the graduate, there are still gaps between the reality and the target. There are missing experience in fields outside HR sector and leadership, managerial and decision-making skills need to be improved.

As a conclusion the steps taken to narrow the gaps are given, which includes continuous learning in language, the application for internships as an assistant HR executive and a training course in “Strategic thinking and leadership management”.


Through giving a comparison between the current status of my knowledge and the requirements confronting me after my graduation from the university, work experiences, skills, abilities and attitudes, this reflective commentary aims at raising my awareness of my suitability for the desired job position as well as the gaps which should be bridged by following a planned career path.

Section one gives an introduction to the current situation of the graduate employment market and a list of the criteria, or expectations, the employers have for their potential graduate employees. Besides, further and more detailed requirements set for my identified target position as a Chief HR Officer is also outlined.

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