PHSC 1000-Human Organ Market, Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning

Human Germ Line Editing, Human Organ Market,

Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning

Here are some questions:

1.What is the social of disability?

2.Should we edit the human germ line?

3.Should there be a market in human organs?

4.Is there an important moral difference between therapeutic and reproductive cloning?

Pick only one of the questions. For that question, you need to find five sources that are NOT part of the unit reading list. The sources can include books, journal articles or shorter online pieces. However, at least four of them need to be from academic books or articles.   You can use only one chapter from a book. Multiple chapters from the same book will only count as one source.

For each source, provide a clear citation (ie the title, who wrote it, where and when it was published). In addition, you need to summarize the article's argument and say why it is relevant to the question. (If you wish to provide a bibliography for a different question, you may, but you must clear it with your tutor first.)

You need between 200 and 300 words per entry on your list. The citation information (author title etc) of the entry does not count towards the word limit.   Total, between 1200-1300 words. These are the limits, there is no leeway

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