Gene Editing, Human Diversity, Procreative Beneficence

First, read a paper or chapter from the unit's list of assigned readings.

For the assignment:   accurately state the conclusion of the piece of work you chose and critically summarise the argument. Don't use bullet points or just copy sentences from the paper; use your own words. You need to not just state the argument but also assess it. You may refer to other articles or books; if you do, cite them properly. You will be marked on how well you summarise the argument and on the originality, care and rigour of your criticisms.   You do not have to agree or disagree with the piece, but you have to show that you understand it and that you can assess it critically.

600-650 words, excluding references

1) Electronic Reserve Document, Human Diversity, Fukuyama, Francis

2) Don't Edit the human germ line

3) "Procreative Beneficence: Why we should Select the Best Children." Bioethics

4) Koplin, J. J., Gyngell, C., & Savulescu, J. (2020;2019;). Germline gene editing and the precautionary principle. Bioethics, 34(1), 49-59.