EDUC 90109 Curriculum Design in Multilingual Era

EDUC 90109

Curriculum Design in Multilingual Era

Assessment Task 3:       Design of a Language Course

Assessment Purpose

Present a second language curriculum for a specified group of learners. This includes:

  • a description of the learners and the learning context (including the societal and institutional context of the program);

  • a statement of the learning needs of the learners, and the processes by which these needs have been ascertained, along with the justification for selecting these;

  • presentation of and justification for the organizational framework of the teaching program: This include your philosophy or thinking about language, education, curriculum, the literacy approach or perspective you adopt, the choice of syllabus, and choice of materials along with assessment tools. This of course is justified based on what you found as a problem/issue in your context, why you think it is a significant issues and how you would like to change it in your design.

  • Aligned with that framework and your ideology/philosophy as a second language curriculum designer, specify the overall goals of the program and specific objectives intended to address the learning needs of the students;

  • an overview of the main learning content (including language focus, topic/meanings dealt with, significant teaching and learning activities and tasks) for a period of at least 8 weeks and no more than 12 weeks;

  • a list of teaching and learning resources used in the course

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