3001GIR Solving Policy Problems


Solving Policy Problems

Critical Reading Exercise – Articles

A 750 word critical reading report analysing readings discussing the challenges of defining policy problems. (20%)

YOU NEED TO CHOOSE ONE ACADEMIC ARTICLE: do not use Althaus et al textbook.

You can use either of the two articles which are in the Readings folder in Learning@Griffith for Week 3


You can find another article that discussed of the challenges of defining and dealing with policy problems. If you select another article it MUST be a refereed journal article and it must have an explicit focus on defining policy problems and dealing with policy problems generally.   An article that only discusses a single policy problem in a factual way is not suitable. An article that discusses policy problems in a general way may of course refer to specific policy problems to illustrate a point or argument.

You will address the following criteria:

Purposes of Articles: identify and set out how the articles discuss the challenges of defining policy problems.

Critical Analysis: clearly and correctly identify the central arguments put forward in the articles.

Evidence: refer to the evidence presented in the articles.

Observations: provide some evaluation of the pieces.

You will use the Critical Reading Template in the Assessment folder for Assessment 1.

Please also refer to the Marking Rubric for the Critical Reading Exercise that is in the Assessment folder.

How to write a critical reading

Student Name

Journal Article (Full citations including author, title, publication details, etc)

Purpose of the Article (What is the author’s aim? For example, is the piece descriptive or does it summarise the literature or introduce a new argument?)

Critical Analysis Argument/Findings (What are the authors’ claims/conclusions?)

Evidence (How do the authors support their argument/findings?)

Observations (What is your assessment of the article?)