2005GIR Policy Analysis Report

Description: In this assignment, you have to undertake an analysis of your chosen policy. The goal of your analysis is to explain the choice of policy instruments in your policy area. In other words, you need to tell the reader why governments decided to adopt the policy instruments/tools that are currently in use.

1. Introduction (250 words): Tell us the purpose of your report, e.g. 'This report presents an analysis of domestic violence policies in Australia, in order to explain governments' choice of policy instruments to respond to domestic violence.' Next tell us your argument. 'I argue that Australian governments have chosen to rely on authority- and nodality-based instruments, because they represent a lower cost option than treasure- and organisation-based instruments'.   Finally, quickly outline the structure of your report.  

2. Summary of policy instruments (250 words): Summarise the main policy instruments in your chosen policy area. You may want to give a brief historical account of how the instruments have changed over time. Use the NATO framework to present the instruments.

3. The Policy Context (300 words): How has the policy context shaped the choice of policy instruments in your area? You may find the paradigms (laissez-faire, Keynesianism, and neoliberalism) very useful in discussing the context.  

4. The Policy Actors (300 words): Outline who are the major political and policy actors in your area. Which do you believe have been the most influential and why? Week 7

5. The Policy Process (300 words): How are policy decisions made in your policy area? Which of the models - rational, incremental or opportunistic - best describes the policy decision making process, and why?