Requirements Analysis & Conceptual Design

INFO6002: Database Management 2

Requirements Analysis & Conceptual Design

Assignment Requirements

Part 1: Requirements Document (2 marks)

The requirements document must capture all requirements that lead to your conceptual database design. Your requirements document will include:

  • Data Requirements – outlining the major data items

  • Transaction Requirements – outlining the data manipulation and queries

  • Business Rules

Part 2A&B: Documented EER Model (13 marks)

  1. The documented EER model includes:

    • Part 2A: EER model. The EER Model must be shown in UML notation. It is preferable to use Visio to document your model, however other applications are acceptable so long as they are in UML format and can depict all aspects of the model.

    • Part 2B Data Dictionary. The Data Dictionary describes the entities, relationships and attributes of your EER Model.

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