BOH unit

Executive managers Case study
Carefully read the case study about Ms. Bailey and take note of all her ineffective and frustrating
actions, as well as her poor management decisions.
Ms.Victoria Bailey is the manager of the Toronto outlet of My Better Side, a women’s clothing
store. Although the company has an elaborate recruitment policy, the average turnover rate of
employees at Bailey’s location is only four weeks. Based on the feedback of former employees,
Bailey appears to be the reason behind the store’s inability to hold on to its staff.
She is reported to have verbally abused sales staff in front of customers and also tends to play
favourites. Not having come from a retail background, she does not have a strong knowledge of
what it takes to run a clothing store. To make things worse, she does not seem to make any effort
to seek advice from her more experienced sales staff. Her stock orders are spontaneous and not
well thought out. She constantly and impulsively changes her mind and her priorities. As a result,
staff members are frequently confused about what they are supposed to do. When she does give
instructions, they are often confusing and do not follow any logical sequence. She treats each
new problem as a top priority, which often results in other tasks not getting done.
Using the content that you have studied so far in this course, explain what Ms.Victoria Bailey did
(or did not do) that should earn her the title of “Challenging Manager.” List your answers.
Ms. Bailey has been fired! You have been hired to take over her position. Things are a mess but
you are confident you have what it takes to succeed. You have minimal experience working in
retail clothing but you know the skills required for effectively managing the store and you are
willing to learn and grow. Identify the three managerial skills learned in this activity that you
would need.
What skills do you think are the most important for each management level? For every
managerial skill learned, identify which level of management can utilize these skills the most.
Provide an explanation in the text entry boxes provided.
1. Technical Skill
2. Interpersonal Skill
3. Conceptual Skill
Now you can re-visit the “Transferable Skills table” that you completed and saved in Learning
Activity 1.
Re-visit the table and, for each transferable skill, identify connections between this transferable
skill and management skills. Find examples from your personal experience and/or your readings
to illustrate