Australia's Foreign Relations 3012GIR - Tri 1 2022

5.2 Assessment Detail

Title: Workshop Exercise
Type: Assignment - Written Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2
Due Date:
         14 Mar 22 - 10 Jun 22
Weight: 20%
Marked out of: 20
Task Description:

Students must complete 4 (four) workshop exercises during the trimester.

Each workshop exercise comprises

1. a Reading Review of the weekly designated reading of 150 words (+/-) 10%


2. a Written Response to one of the questions designated with an asterisk of 150 words (+/-) 10% words.

You must do 2 Reading Reviews and 2 Written Responses.

These exercises must be submitted after your workshop and you can only submit if you outline your review or response at the workshop. The convenor will call for responses during the workshop.

This means you must participate in the workshop of your submission.

Failure to discuss your review or response at the appropriate workshop will mean you cannot submit that week.

Criteria & Marking:

The Reading Review must focus on the argument and evidence presented by the author(s). You may also note the academic literature the author(s) refer to in their work.

Appropriate readings for review are clearly marked in the workshop details available in the Learning Materials Folder on Learning@Griffith.

The Written Response to one of the questions (marked with an asterisk*) should develop an argument in response to the question and provide some summary evidence to support that argument. You may also want to refer to a key source or sources in your brief response.

Questions available for your written response are marked with an asterisk.

This exercise provides good practice for what you must do in the exam.

These 4 exercises will be marked on a pass/fail basis wherein a pass gives you 5 (five) full marks and a fail 0 (zero) marks.

Passing all four workshop exercises means you get the full marks of 20 (twenty) for the exercise.

Submission: Text Matching Tool - Safe Assign.

This assessment item:
  • is a school based activity

  • is an individual activity

  • does not include a self assessment activity

  • does not have a resubmission provision

Title: Essay
Type: Assignment - Research-based Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1
Due Date:
         12 May 22 17:00
Weight: 40%
Marked out of: 40
Task Description:

Essay questions are the workshop questions with an asterisk (*) at the end.

The essay must be between 2000 and 2500 words.

This means the essay must not be fewer than 2000 words or more than 2500 words. I do not have a preference for essays nearer the lower or upper bound. As long as essays are within the agreed word limit they will be assessed equally.

Essay questions are the weekly workshop questions available on L@G (and within the downloadable Lecture and Workshop Guide) marked with an asterisk (*).

The essay needs to be uploaded to SafeAssign via the Assessment folder in Learning@Griffith.

You will need to complete the coversheet questions before you can upload your final draft.

You have a draft submission points where you can check your SafeAssign score.

You will not be able to see your score on your final submission.

You may upload your essay early if you want to get earlier feedback. If you do, make sure you inform the convenor by email.

I will endeavour to mark these essays within two weeks of submission.

Essays will be marked on a first in/first marked basis.

Criteria & Marking:

You must read the Essay-writing guide. (Available under Course Content on Learning@Griffith).

Essays should conform to standard academic conventions. In other words, you need to reference appropriately and provide a reference list/bibliography. Internet sources need to be properly referenced!

Essays should be one and a half or double-spaced and have wide (at least 3 cm) margins. Your convenor may return essays not properly formatted for resubmission.

A marking rubric, available in the Assessment Section on Learning@Griffith will be used to assess assignments and to inform students of requirements for all grade levels.

Your essay must contain at least three sources contained in the long version of the Lecture and Workshop Guide.

The long version of the guide provides an extensive reading list on all topics covered in the course.

If you need an extension, you must request one before the due date.

You must submit your essay via SafeAssign.

NO hard copies are required.

Essays will be returned within two weeks of submission.

The essay is worth 40 per cent of your total marks and the aim of this assignment is to develop your knowledge of the academic literature associated with a particular aspect of Australia’s foreign relations. The academic literature (i.e. key sources) should be the point of departure for the development of your argument and evidence.

Griffith University takes Academic Integrity very seriously. Students may be requested to provide drafts of their submitted work and/or relevant notes and references, and to briefly discuss its content and ideas with the course convenor.

Failed essays may be resubmitted but will be assessed on a pass/fail basis. This means that the maximum mark possible for a resubmitted essay will be 50 per cent.

Submission: Text Matching Tool - Safe Assign. Via SafeAssign

This assessment item:
  • is a school based activity

  • is an individual activity

  • does not include a self assessment activity

  • may be available for resubmission (see conditions outlined in Resubmission)

Title: End of Trimester Exam
Type: Exam - selected and constructed responses
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2
Due Date:
         Examination Period
Weight: 40%
Marked out of: 40
Perusal: 10 minutes
Duration: 120 minutes
Exam Type: Open Book
Exam Format: Online
Task Description:

The exam will consist of short answer questions that cover all the topics in the course. You will be required to answer 10 questions from a list of ~20 questions and you must avoid repeating material across different answers.

The exam requires you to study all subject areas.

The questions will be based on the weekly Workshop questions.

Doing the readings, preparing short responses to the questions and attending Workshops will be the best way to study for the exam.

Criteria & Marking:

Your aim will be to provide comprehensive short answers to the questions, making an argument statement followed by a summary of your evidence for that argument. You can also very briefly rebut alternative arguments in your answer.

You are not required to cite sources in your answers, but knowing some of the key players in the debates and their arguments will be rewarded. While formal referencing is not required, knowing some of the key sources in Australian foreign policy and their arguments will improve your grade.

The exam requires you to allocate your time evenly across the exam. There are 10 questions and 120 minutes of writing time. This means you should spend 12 minutes on each question. I don't expect you to write mini-essays for each question. Anything between 150 and and 300 words is acceptable. Do not write more than 400 words for an answer.

It is important that you answer ten (10) questions. In the past, some students have written responses to fewer than 10 questions. Each question you miss reduces your mark for the exam by 10 per cent. If you do 6 questions, the highest score you could get would be 60 per cent and that would require all 6 answers to be perfect!

This assessment item:
  • is a centrally organised activity

  • is an individual activity

  • does not include a self assessment activity

5.3 Late Submission

For all courses (other than Honours Dissertation Courses): Refer to the Assessment Procedure for Students.

For all Honours Dissertation courses: Enrolment in an Honours degree shall be cancelled and the candidature terminated if the candidate fails to lodge their Honours dissertation by the prescribed date including any approved extensions.

5.4 Other Assessment Information

Supplementary Assessment is available in this course.

Supplementary assessment may be awarded if you have submitted all the assessment requirements of the course, and you have received a grade of 3 or have achieved an overall percentage equivalent to the grade of 3 or higher, but you have not achieved a pass or the required minimum mark in one or more mandatory pass components of the course.

You are allowed one attempt at a supplementary assessment item per course per trimester. If you gain a pass mark for your supplementary assessment item, you will be awarded a grade of 4.

Where you do not achieve a pass mark for the supplementary assessment item, the original grade of 3 for the course will remain, except for courses using the Medical School grading basis where a non-graded fail (NGF) is awarded.

Please see the Assessment Procedure for Students for more information.

Final Grades

A student’s final grade for this course will be based on the aggregation and weighting of marks across assessment, any mandatory pass components and grade cut-offs. Grade cut-offs can vary, so you will need to wait for the official release of grades to be sure of your grade for this course.

  • This course is a graded course (i.e 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1).

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