3013GIR Power and Policy Making 3013GIR_3215_OL

The essay give you opportunity to conduct your own research into a major course topic. It asks you to make a succinct argument and support it with evidence. And to integrate theoretical and analytical insights into specific case studies.
Answer ONE of the following:
1. "In a capitalist democracy, the capitalists always win". Do you agree? Discuss, illustrating your response and argument by reference to at least one of the course’s key theories and at least two of the course’s case studies.
2. "The third dimension of power offers the most convincing explanation of how power is actually exercised". Do you agree? Discuss, illustrating your response and argument by reference to at least one of the course’s key theories and at least two of the course’s case studies
Additional Essay Information
    • The essay must not exceed 2000 words in length.

    • You must read and refer to a minimum of 10 sources (most of which should be quality academic sources, such as books or peer-reviewed articles).

    • The Harvard referencing system is the preferred system for courses in the School of Government and International Relations.

    • Where an essay is incorrectly or insufficiently referenced according to standard styles, it will be penalised with a reduced mark. A totally unreferenced essay will not pass.

    • Ensure your essay is well edited and well-presented:

      • Edit your work before submitting;

      • Use 1½ -2 line spacing;

      • Ensure pages are numbered; and

      • Provide a cover sheet that includes your name, the title of the essay and the word count (this is additional to any other cover sheet);

    • Requests for extensions need to made to the convenor prior to the due date. Study load and work commitments are not normally acceptable reasons for extensions. Assignments submitted without an authorised extension after the due date will be penalised.   The University Assessment Policy on the Griffith University website provides for a deduction of up to 10% of the mark for each day the assignment is late.   Assignments more than 5 days late risk the award of zero marks.

    • Any assignments which are suspected of being produced by means involving plagiarism or cheating will be dealt with in accordance with the University’s Institutional Framework for Promoting Academic Integrity among Students, and may be dealt with in accordance with the   Student Academic Misconduct Policy

    • Much of your work will involve using the work of others. This is acceptable practice, providing you make it clear where the material has come from. To avoid any charge of academic misconduct it is important that you use the appropriate techniques when making reference to other sources. There are also procedures in place to ensure that any duplication of assignments is readily identified.

    • The SafeAssign detection software has been installed on the Learning@Griffith website for this course and you will be able to submit drafts of your assignment to SafeAssign to check and correct your referencing, and its presentation.

    • Griffith University, and GIR, take Academic Integrity very seriously. Students in this course may be requested to provide drafts of their submitted assignments and/or relevant notes and references, and to briefly discuss the assignment’s content and ideas with the course convenor.

To maximise your essay mark, ensure that:
    • Your argument is explicitly stated in the introduction, and systematically developed and supported throughout the discussion.

    • Your material is focused and directly addresses the essay question.

    • The essay is well structured, including a clear introduction and conclusion.

    • Your paper is not a set of notes but a coherent justification of a position.

    • Points and sections are always clearly linked.

    • Referencing is comprehensive and accurate.