1.   Midterm Exam                                                                                                      25%
This midterm exam will consist of two parts. The first will be a series of multiple choice questions. The second will be a series of short questions.
The midterm will be timed and online. Once it is started will need to be finished in a maximum of hour.
Delivery date: 30th August, 5pm.
2. Reflection                                     1200 words                                                     35%
This 1200 word reflection asks students to either critically analyse one topic covered in class or address a specific question proposed in class.
Specific details will be available through Learning@Griffith.

Students are also strongly encouraged to use Safeassign to check drafts of their essay.

Delivery date: 27th September, 5pm.
3. Poster                                                                                                                     40%
The Poster provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt in the course.
In addition to specific knowledge, it also asks them to synthesise and apply material covered during the trimester. It must be submitted through Safeassign
Delivery date: 21th October, 1pm.