[3013GIR] Information on Test 1 in week 5

[3013GIR] Information on Test 1 in week 5

Posted on: Monday, 9 August 2021 4:39:00 PM AEST

Dear all,

I hope you all have gotten through lockdown OK and are enjoying the week off.

The first test of Assessment A2 will be will be held in week 5. The test instruction will be released on Monday 23 August at 10.00 am – and will be due on Tuesday 24 August at 10.00 am.

Full instructions will be provided with the test. These will be available via the L@G site -> “Course Assessment” tab -> “Assessment 2” -> "Test 1". I will also send an announcement on the day. To help you prepare, here is some useful information:

  • You will be asked to answer two out of three questions – covering weeks 2, 3 and 4 seminar topics: Elitism, Pluralism and Marxism.

  • The questions will be similar to your weekly discussion questions for these topics, and as discussed in the weekly seminar.

  • You will be asked to write 300-400 words for each of the two answers.

  • You have a 24 hour window to complete the exam. Submit a word document via the Test 1 submission point.

  • The test is an open books exam.

* Please note: Extension applications for tests requires medical certificate or equivalent documentation. Unfortunately work commitments cannot be used for extension requests.

To maximise your marks, and according to the marking criteria/rubric, your answers should provide:

  • Content knowledge of the individual topics.

    • For example, definitional understanding, key elements or features of the theory, key actors

    • derived from lectures, reading and reflection

  • Quality analysis in question responses

    • the quality of points made, depth of analysis and quality of position defended

    • derived from lectures, reading and reflection.

  • Evidence and integration of readings in question responses

    • drawn from selection and use of reading

    • reading utilised in way that demonstrates active consumption of its content

    • two readings per question minimum (the textbook can be one)

  • Use of relevant examples

    • where relevant, and as appropriate to the question