Marking Criteria

Written Report



Executive Summary -   Identify the main findings/key points of the report.   The Executive Summary is not included in the word count of the assignment.


Background to the company/product. (100 words)

Provide some background information on your choice of company.   Identify the product/service that your report will focus on as well as the country of analysis.   This means that your report should analyse one product or service in ONE country only.


Situation Analysis. (500 words)

Discuss the key macro environmental factors (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legal) that are impacting on the industry and company of your choice.  

Discuss the key micro environmental factors (competitors, suppliers, distributors, customers, publics, the company) that are impacting on your company/product/service.   (Please ensure to include competitors in your report).


SWOT Analysis (200 words)

· SWOT Matrix which includes

· Strengths (Internal to the organization – company resources and competitive advantage compared to its competitors)

· Weaknesses (Internal to the organization – what the company does not possess in relation to competitors)

· Opportunities (Positive external elements of the macro and micro environment)

· Threats (Negative external elements of the macro and micro environment)


Target Market and Positioning (300 words)

Identify your target market using a combination of geographic, demographic, psychographic and product/benefit variables.

Identify the how your product/service is positioned.   You can include a positioning statement that includes recognition of the target market and point of difference/reason to believe.

Include a positioning map to support your positioning statement.   Ensure to include labels/factors that are based on research/logic.   Don’t automatically use price and quality.


Marketing Mix Analysis (1,200 words)

Analyse the current marketing mix of your product/service. Please note the below provides an overview of what to discuss within each variable.

Product – discussion to include but not limited to quality, design, features, packaging, labelling, branding, PLC, product mix.

Price – identify the current pricing strategies used.   Consider psychological pricing, product line pricing, promotional pricing, competitive pricing etc.

Place – identify the current distribution strategies – types of distribution strategies, intensity of distribution, vertical marketing systems

Promotion – consider which promotional tools the company/product currently uses (i.e. advertising, e-marketing, social media, personal selling, PR, sales promotion etc)

Physical Evidence –   physical environment: atmosphere, lighting, décor, layout, store design etc.

Process – processes involved in delivering the service/product

People – staff and sales people that provide/deliver the customer experience


Recommendations – (200 words)

From your analysis, make some key recommendations for any of the marketing mix variables.   Also consider the suitability of the current target market and/or positioning of the product/service



Reference all applicable information.   In-text citations and a Reference List.   APA Referencing Style


Writing Style/Grammar