MUSC1981 Reflective Practice Assignment Marking Guide

MUSC1981 Reflective Practice Assignment Marking Guide
Criteria considered most important when marking reflective practice assignments for MUSC1981 (in
order of priority):
1. Genuine engagement with reflective practice and connection with journal entries, which
could include:
a. Choice of topic focus and themes that are reflected in journal entries
b. Self-quoted material from journal (highly desirable) to support discussion points in a
meaningful way
c. Discussion of journal material and experiences as reflected in journal entries
NOTE: The journal itself is not marked but the report must be connected with the journal
2. Quality and clarity of the written presentation (assessed against the marking criteria for
written work in the unit outline, in a balanced way), in particular:
a. Clear introduction outlining topic(s), discussion section and summary/conclusion
b. Statement of methodological framework or model for reflective practice e(e.g.
Gibbs, Bain et al. or Schön) in the introduction
c. Clear structure (use of sub-headings earn better marks)
d. Quality of written English (you can be slightly more forgiving if a student is obviously
of a non-English speaking background)
e. Originality: check the Turnitin score and see what comes up as matching other
sources. UWA cover sheets, reflective practice templates, referenced works, quotes,
etc. are of course not a problem. The benchmark is 5+ words of unattributed text
that matches verbatim another source, where it is clear that a student has probably
copied text without including a citation. If you think there is wholesale plagiarism
going on, please note those assignments and send back to me, and I will read them
and if further action is warranted, take care of that.
f. 1500 words +/- 100 words (no penalties) not including title, cover sheet, list of
3. Integration of at least two research sources (e.g. research literature, websites, YouTube
where appropriate, unit readings, etc.) appropriately cited (APA is preferred but I don’t
usually take off marks for other formats if done consistently)
Please mark each of the above components on the attached marking spreadsheet out of 100 noting
also if the assignment was submitted late in the margin (I will check if any penalties apply later). It
will calculate the assignment mark for you, to make the process easier and more efficient.
A cover sheet of some kind including the student’s name and student number should be attached.
An original title is a commendable addition. (This is required but doesn’t attract a big deduction of
marks if missing).Ideally, aspects of the above should be mentioned briefly in the assignment feedback and all
assignments this semester need some feedback (please put this in the comment box provided on
Turnitin in Grademark mode rather than on the assignment as this will make checking later easier for
I usually make a few comments through the text in Review mode or using Acrobat tools for every
assignment, and include an overall statement concerning the assessment at the end or on the cover
sheet referring to aspects of the above list. I would be grateful if you could do the same, to avoid
students asking for additional feedback later on or querying their mark. Students in this unit have
been encouraged to take a personal, individual approach to the assignment and journal-keeping
activity. Therefore, the assignments vary quite a lot in terms of the approach students take and
resulting content. This often requires a flexible attitude when marking. You don’t need to mark
every small thing, but it is important to point out where the main strengths and weaknesses are in
order to justify the mark given. A few examples of sample comments from previously marked
Comments for an HD student:
Overall, you have done an excellent job with this assignment. You
have engaged with the reflective practice process in a meaningful way and
this is evident in both your report and journal entries. You could have drawn
more directly from you journal material in the report itself, quoting entries
where relevant in your discussion. The written presentation is generally of a
high standard, with sophisticated use of language, good citations, and a
clear structure, with only a few minor faults, as marked.
Comments for a student in the D range:
Overall, you have done a very good job with this assignment. The report is written to a high
standard. Particularly commendable are the numerous references to external sources, appropriately
cited in most cases. A list of references at the end would have been appropriate. The report is clearly
written and well-organised, with focused and thoughtful discussion of all focus themes. Although the
journal entries themselves are quite brief, there is still a sense of connection between them and the
substance of the report, though a greater amount of description and reflection in the journal would
strengthen the sense that the report has emerged directly from the journal entries.
Comments for a student in the Credit range:
Overall, you have done a creditable job with this assignment. Your journal has entries from the
beginning to the end of the performance preparation, showing an engagement with the reflective
practice process. However, it would have been good to go into greater depth in terms of some of the
issues you discuss and to support statements you make with more examples from your experience
and journal material. The written presentation is generally fairly good and readable, with
appropriate citations of external sources and good use of written English, though there is some
repetition.Comments for a student in the Passing range:
Whilst you have discussed several aspects of your ensemble experience in some detail, the brevity of
your journal entries and the fact that not everything you discuss in the report features prominently
in the journal or, indeed, can be found at all, such as the research you did into the music your
ensemble was preparing to perform gives the impression that there is not a strong connection
between what is in the journal entries and what is in the report. There are also some significant
problems with the written presentation, as marked.
Comments for a student in the Fail range:
The goal of this assessment was for you to draw on themes from your Ensemble Rehearsal Journal,
and to discuss them in light of theory studied. While the genre of Samba was explored in the course,
your report makes no references at all to your journal, nor to any related theories or
performance/rehearsal practices. Your report is clearly written, well researched, and well structured,
but fails to address the point of this exercise.