1004GBS-Value Chain Mapping

Assignment Task Description:

Businesses create value through their activities in various ways depending on the purpose of a business. This assessment allows you to map how value is created inside and outside a business. With a shift to the stakeholder model of business and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that assist business link with larger societal goals, combining value chain mapping and SDGs can be a useful approach to expand the impact and value of businesses.

In this assessment you are asked to analyse the SDGs as they apply to a small-medium organisation. You can choose a local business with whom you have engaged as a customer or employee, or one you have seen online or in your local area. Your chosen organisation must not have mapped the SDGs as a strategy. It must have a website in English and you are required to provide the link of your organisation in the Introduction of your report. Your chosen organisation must not be one we have analysed in the course modules or workshops, or one listed in the Purpose Wheel in Module 3.


1.0 Introduction:

This report pertains to the value chain of Petal and Pup, and online fast-fashion boutique. Petal and Pup is an Australian based boutique that ships worldwide, selling clothing that is stylish and trendy, for an assumed predominately female audience (www.petalandpup.com.au)


In this report, the value chain of Petal and Pup will be analysed and the relevant SDGs will be mapped along it. A justification for the location of each SDG mapped will be provided, followed by further explanation of the positive impacts Petal and Pup has, as well as the negative impacts, and how they can be minimised.


2.0. Value Chain Mapping

2.1. Justification of SDG Location

3.0. Increasing the Positive Impacts

4.0. Decreasing the Negative Impacts

5.0. Reference List